St. Paul, Minnesota, November 2nd, 2021: Antea Group USA partnered with Deluxe during production of Season 6 of the Small Business Revolution, premiering November 9th on Hulu and YouTube. 

Deluxe made the decision to bring its original series, Small Business Revolution, back home to Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota for Season 6. The focus of the season is to shine a spotlight on the unique stories of Black business owners across the Twin Cities. Hosts, Amanda Brinkman and Baron Davis, along with Deluxe’s marketing experts and other industry gurus, help six deserving small business owners overcome their biggest financial, marketing, and technology obstacles.  

Antea Group, with headquarters in Minnesota, approached Deluxe with the idea of expanding their set of offerings to these local small businesses to include environmental, health & safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) services. Because of the pandemic and specific COVID-related requirements built into Screen Actors Guild (SAG) member contracts, added EHS&S services were necessary. 

Throughout the partnership on Season 6, Antea Group provided Event and Production EHS Support Services by having COVID Compliance Officers on set for shooting days that included SAG member, Baron Davis. Antea Group COVID Officers were on set locally in Minneapolis during production and for a photoshoot in Los Angeles, California. They performed temperature checks, collected COVID forms, ensured physical distancing and proper sanitizing, and provided general best practices for health and safety on set. 

Antea Group was also able to offer additional EHS&S services to the featured small businesses. Experts consulted with one of the companies, Lip Esteem, on best practices around ergonomics and recommended changes to improve working environments. Antea Group also consulted with Elsa’s House of Sleep about facility optimization in their showroom, providing energy efficiency and sustainable business operations suggestions. Both businesses were able to implement some of these suggestions to improve their operations.  

Antea Group USA was honored to be a part of the journey of these local small businesses during this tumultuous time. Watch season 6 on Hulu, premiering November 9th.

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