At the most recent Inogen Environmental Alliance meeting, Antea Group Vice President Angie Dickson was officially named the new Inogen president, so we sat down with her to talk about her role and goals for the Alliance going forward.

Antea Group is proud to be a founding member of the Inogen Environmental Alliance, a global Alliance of EHS&S consultancies that work together to provide environment, health, safety, and sustainability solutions to multinational organizations around the world. At the most recent Inogen meeting in Vietnam, Antea Group Vice President Angie Dickson was officially named the new Inogen president, so we sat down with her to talk about her role and goals for the Alliance going forward.

So, what is the Inogen Alliance, exactly?

The founders of the Inogen Alliance were a truly clever group--almost 20 years ago, they realized that owning brick-and-mortar locations around the world is expensive, and inherently increases the cost of services for consulting companies. But a cooperative effort built on the business network that is in place, keeps overhead costs consistent with local costs, and aligns skills for a global perspective with local delivery.

I think of Inogen like airline alliances--you know you can book a plane ticket on your favorite airline, and they will route you anywhere in the world using their alliance network. The airlines in the alliance all have individual names and businesses, but you can be confident that your trusted airline will get you where we need to go on the same ticket with the same quality service that you are used to. Inogen is the same type of model, but for environment, health, safety, and sustainability consulting services. Global organizations get to work with their favorite “carrier” and receive expertise anywhere in the world without engaging separate companies. A single point of contact in the Inogen Alliance opens the door to consistent, high-quality services around the world.

What do you find most exciting or unique about Inogen?

Inogen is a tight-knit group of business associates who trust each other, choose to do business together, and are bound by a common commitment to provide high-quality EHS&S consulting services around the world. The Alliance’s core values (trust, respect, collaboration, and integrity) are more than just words on paper--they are the foundation of what makes Inogen work.

To make words and values like that come alive, you need people, and above all Inogen is a group of highly committed and competent consultants who believe in our mission to provide superior environment, health, safety and sustainability consulting expertise to global organizations through our partnership.

Tell us a little bit about your history with Inogen.

When I began working with Inogen about four years ago, I was using the Alliance to solve environment, health, safety, and sustainability challenges for global, name-brand companies, and I was continually amazed at the depth of expertise the Alliance put at my fingertips, as well as the responsiveness and commitment that each of those experts brought to my clients. Not only do the 5,000 consultants across 280 offices in 70 countries bring an expansive reach in over 150 countries with incredible local expertise, they also bring a passionate commitment to solving global problems, helping make the world a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable place.

What kind of project work does Inogen do?

Some of Inogen's most active global clients are in fast-paced, dynamic market segments like technology, retail, chemical, and oil and gas. In today's continually changing business and political climates, we believe that consultants can be a differentiator in weathering the ups and downs that complex businesses are trying to manage across the world. Whether it is providing transaction support in Morocco; understanding permitting needs in South Korea; creating a waste minimization strategy in China; delivering on-demand health and safety support to multiple offices across 20 countries; offering full-time EHS support while waiting for headcount to get approved or supporting a multi-year project to clean up environmental liabilities, we can be an extension of your team.

What is your vision for the organization moving into the future?

I am honored to take over as the President of Inogen. As a global citizen, the best part of my experiences over the last 25 years, living and working around the globe, are combined in this amazing organization. In this role, I am looking forward to both strengthening the Alliance and getting the word out about our unique model and awesome services. My mission is to ensure that Inogen continues to be able to provide EHS&S services in every country where our clients need us, which means helping our Associates anticipate the skills we need to have and understand where they need to be available.  We are also excited to expand Inogen’s digital footprint, helping to ensure that wherever companies need global EHS&S support, they know that Inogen is ready and waiting to partner with them.

Thank you, Angie! To learn more about Inogen or Antea Group’s global capabilities, contact us today.

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