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Peylina Chu
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Peylina Chu

Vice President
Technology Industry Leader

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Peylina Chu is a master at helping companies manage the business aspects of Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S). Recognizing that EHS&S management is much more than just compliance, and that these issues have the potential to seriously disrupt business, Peylina develops fit-for-purpose programs for clients that are proactive, tailored to company-specific risk tolerance levels and incorporated into company culture from the C-suite to the hourly employee. With her 20+ years of experience, she understands that in addition to traditional regulatory drivers, today's companies must meet public and customer expectations, investor concerns and non-governmental organization demands.

Peylina's expertise includes global program development, implementation and management; cleaner production and sustainability assessments; product stewardship; strategic planning; risk management; stakeholder engagement, and group facilitation. She has experience in a wide variety of industries, including technology, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device, food, and heavy manufacturing and works closely with multinational, regional, and local private clients as a valued business partner.

Peylina is a registered professional engineer and currently serves on the board for the Inogen Environmental Alliance.

Environment + Energy Leader 100 Honoree

Peylina was a 2020 honoree of Environment + Energy Leader's E+E 100. This annual list recognizes those environment and energy “doers” who break trail in creating new solutions, programs, platforms, best practices, and products to help their companies – or other companies – achieve greater success in commercial and industrial environment and energy management.

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