Update: May 23, 2024, St. Paul, Minnesota: Data Center Safety Council is pleased to announce more founding members: Salesforce and Vantage Data Centers, along with previously named founding members EdgeCore, STACK Infrastructure, and Yondr, facilitated by Antea® Group.

The purpose of this establishment is to form a unified approach towards ensuring safety and wellbeing of personnel in data center operations. 

The industry has seen a period of rapid growth adding urgency to the need for standardization of best practices, knowledge sharing and collaboration, and defining resources for training and development. This industry group will provide advocacy for aligning health and safety regulations and addressing operational health and safety challenges in a consistent approach.

The vision is to create a forum where health and safety professionals work collaboratively as an industry group to improve data center worker safety wholistically. Together the council will address common issues and seek long-term solutions with vendors and suppliers for the benefit and safety of data center workers. 

“I am inspired to see key leaders in the data center industry step forward to take initiative and create collective action for the safety of their workers. We are excited to launch key workstreams this year to create better industry alignment and look forward to more members joining,” Peylina Chu, Senior Vice President, Antea Group USA, serving as the Executive Director, Data Center Safety Council.

Prioritizing health and safety initiatives is crucial to manage the hazards resulting from a surge in infrastructure development, increased operational complexities, and a lack of skilled workers to manage and maintain these facilities. Proactively addressing health and safety concerns is not only a practical necessity, but also a strategic guide for the sustained success of the data center industry.

The founding members of Data Center Safety Council are all leaders in the industry and well positioned to create collective global action and consistency for the industry as a whole with this new organization.

The Data Center Safety Council is excited to extend an invitation to recruit more peers in the data center operations industry to join us in this mission.

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