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Waste Water Management Plant
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Wastewater Management

Over time, existing wastewater treatment system infrastructure may deteriorate, internal processes may change, or more stringent regulatory requirements may emerge. For our clients to meet their performance goals, the wastewater process also has to be working in perfect synchronization with manufacturing. Antea®Group understands that these conditions create significant challenges for our clients, and we’re here to create a fit-for-purpose wastewater management solution to meet their specific needs.

Our Approach

Our technology-enabled approach requires fewer resources and less effort to review and track results--we provide not only the software, but also wastewater domain expertise. The system provides wastewater exceedance notifications based on laboratory analytical results, scalable to fit your needs, whether one facility or hundreds. This enables higher permit compliance rates and more effective and timely responses to exceedances and/or variances in wastewater concentrations.

Customized Solutions

We have a demonstrated ability to successfully simplify complex technical, legal, regulatory, and institutional issues to produce concise, cost-effective, and implementable recommendations. We customize our solutions to meet challenging project constraints including capital cost, operations and sustainability goals.

Our Wastewater Management Services

  • System Improvement and Troubleshooting
  • Treatment Process and Technology Evaluation
  • Wastewater Minimization, Reuse, and Cost Analysis
  • Discharge Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Permit Compliance and Program Development

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