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SPCC and SWPP Plan Updates for Major Paper Bag and Packaging Manufacturer

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SPCC and SWPP Plan Updates for Major Paper Bag and Packaging Manufacturer


Antea Group was requested to assist a leading manufacturer of custom-printed paper bags, packaging, and food wraps with updates to Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) and Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWPP) plans for one of their manufacturing facilities.  The facility uses paraffin wax, an SPCC and SWPP regulated substance, as well as lubrication oils and greases in the process of manufacturing their final product.  Facility management was having difficulty interpreting and implementing requirements of their former SPCC and SWPP plans due to contradictions and incorrect requirements for both SPCC regulation and tank integrity management. Facility management asked Antea Group to visit their facility, help clarify regulatory requirements and prepare simplified SPCC and SWPP plans which could be implemented for environmental compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulation.


Antea Group provided an SPCC and SWPP subject matter expert who visited the facility and met with management on a short timeframe while already near the facility location for other work.  Based on the expert’s observations of facility operations and a review of the former SPCC and SWPP plans, Antea Group was able to help simplify and clarify SPCC, SWPP, and tank integrity management requirements for the facility. 


Antea Group was able to leverage subject matter expert knowledge and availability to assist the client with simplification of SPCC and SWPP implementation and provide a better understanding of tank integrity management requirements for their operations. Antea Group completed new SPCC and SWPP plans following simple plan formats that are easy for facility management to implement for environmental compliance. Antea Group also prepared a roles and responsibilities summary document to help the facility understand SPCC and SWPP roles for ISO14001 implementation. The client was very pleased with Antea Group’s environmental compliance assistance and the subject matter expert’s knowledge.

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