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Issuing Stormwater and Wastewater Training Modules for Food and Beverage Industry Client

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Developing and Issuing Stormwater and Wastewater Management Training


Antea Group received a request from a new client in the food and beverage industry to develop and issue stormwater and wastewater training modules covering applicable regulations for the US and Canada. The training was requested based on recent non-compliances and notices of violations received at different facilities due to errors in stormwater and wastewater management. The training was initially intended to be issued in person, however due to the pandemic it was transitioned to a virtual event.

The client has numerous facilities with different permits or No Exposure Certifications (NECs), differing monitoring and sampling requirements, and varying wastewater treatment systems. The audience consisted of individuals with limited or no experience in wastewater and stormwater management. Antea Group needed to develop high-level training modules with enough site-specific information and examples to ensure the training was relatable and effective in order to achieve the client’s goal of improving their internal capabilities related to stormwater and wastewater management.


Antea Group developed two training presentations, one for stormwater and one for wastewater, split into four separate modules to break up the content and ensure the training could be issued in four sessions, each running one and a half hours long.

To assist the trainees in understanding the requirements as they apply to their facilities, pre-work documents were developed, requiring trainees to review their permits and applicable regulatory requirements in preparation for each training session.

To maintain focus and ensure audience participation, Antea Group inserted participation “triggers” throughout the training presentations to notify the audience when and how to interact. A “Time to interact” prompt was included within select slides with instructions for sharing responses in the chat or using different characters, actions, or emojis to show which options on the slides applied to the audience members’ facilities. Antea Group also leveraged existing compliance calendars, Notices of Violation (NOVs), and other site-specific documentation during the training development process so that our training delivery could be relatable and engaging.


Antea Group issued the four training sessions over the course of two months. The client provided incredibly positive feedback and expressed gratitude for working so closely with them to provide high-quality training to their employees to reach their stormwater and wastewater compliance improvement goals. The client was especially appreciative our trainer’s engaging presentation style and shared that she received positive internal feedback from the EHS Managers that attended the training sessions.

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