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Science Based Targets
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Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Target Setting

Has your organization set a greenhouse gas reduction target, committed to setting one, or are you curious what it would take? 

Target setting is an art and a science and depends on many factors, including customer requirements, investor expectations, desired company brand and reputation, and internal readiness. In today’s complicated business landscape, we can be your partner to explore the business value of setting an emissions reduction target and developing a roadmap to achieve the target. 

Experience to Help Your Company Navigate Setting a Target

Our team brings years of technical and strategic industry expertise to help you navigate the complexity of setting a target that is right for your company. There are different targets to consider, and we can help you understand and evaluate the different business factors that play into determining the right target for your company. Two common targets are science based targets and RE100. 

A science-based target, or SBT, is an emissions reduction target that is set by a company in alignment with the most current climate science available to prevent the global average temperature from rising greater than 1.5°C. Science-based targets can be validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) lending them credibility and demonstrating an above average commitment to reducing the company’s impact on the environment.

RE100 is a global initiative that brings together businesses committed to transitioning to 100% renewable energy sources. By setting a reduction target and pledging to source all their electricity needs from renewable sources, RE100 member companies aim to reduce their carbon footprint, combat climate change, and accelerate the shift towards a sustainable and low-carbon economy. This initiative serves as a catalyst for corporate sustainability efforts and promotes the adoption of clean energy solutions on a global scale.

Through benchmarking, company data, and understanding your company’s leadership aspirations, we can help you evaluate the appropriateness of the above targets or explore other options that would be best suited for your company and business needs. 

Out Target Setting Process

Our Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Target Setting Services

  • Peer and Industry Benchmarking  

  • Executive Education 

  • Target and Readiness Evaluation 

  • SBTi Application and Validation 

  • RE100 Application and Reporting

Climate Change Business Journal Award

Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ) presented its annual CCBJ Business Achievement Awards for outstanding business performance in 2020. CCBJ, a subscription-based business research publication, serves as the centerpiece of business intelligence providing detailed market research on nine segments of the Climate Change Industry, including renewable energy, carbon capture and storage, climate change adaptation, energy efficiency, and green buildings. The CCBJ awards recognize businesses making strides in these areas. Antea Group was honored with an award in the “Consulting and Engineering” category under the topic of “Energy and Carbon Management” for our science-based targets service.


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