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Pandemic Response, Planning and Support

If your company currently doesn't have a pandemic plan, now is the time to prepare and develop one to minimize disruption with future global pandemics. 

Managing the Threat and Impact of a Global Pandemic is Best Handled with Planning and Preparation

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, many companies were caught off guard and not fully prepared to efficiently manage the pandemic. Companies lacked proactive plans related to how to manage the quickly evolving situation and simultaneously maintain critical business operations while minimizing disruption. Those companies that had pandemic plans in place and had tested and maintained those plans over time felt less disruptions and were able to minimize chaos.

Our Approach

Antea Group understands the importance of proper preparation and how a well-crafted and tested pandemic plan can help companies protect lives, manage risk, and provide for business continuity. Our team of experts from around the globe can assist you with creating a custom approach, specific to your business operations and sensitive to your risk tolerance and resource constraints to ensure you have a proactive, effective plan in the event of a global pandemic. We work with key stakeholders (such as your business continuity team, crisis management, EHS, Facilities, HR, security and risk management) to determine the best solution for your environment and provide appropriate components that are carefully crafted towards this important topic.

Our Pandemic Planning, Response and Support Services

  • Dedicated COVID-19 Global Helpdesk

  • Trained COVID-19 Compliance Officers

  • Risk Assessments and Emergency Response plans for Home-Based Workers

  • COVID-19 Facility Configuration Assessment for Retail, Warehouse, and Manufacturing

  • Global Support Related to Local Directives, Regulations, and Pandemic Management

  • Pandemic Plan Development, Including Facilitation of Stakeholder Engagement and Procedures to Address Local Requirements

  • NY HERO Act and Airborne Infectious Disease Prevention Planning Support 

  • Development of Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols and SOPs

  • Safe Food Handling Procedures

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Programs and Training

  • Hazard Communication Programs and Training

  • OSHA Recordkeeping Support

  • Development and Implementation of Communication Plans

  • Tabletop Drills to Test the Effectiveness of your Emergency and Pandemic Plans

  • Respiratory Protection Programs, Training, and Fit Testing

  • Ergonomics Support for Home-Based Workers

  • Return to Work and Building Re-Occupancy Support

  • Health and Temperature Screening at Points of Entry

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