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Hybrid and Flexible Workplace Support
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Hybrid and Flexible Workplace Support

While the global COVID pandemic may be declared over, the impacts on your business could remain with regard to your employees' safety, retention, and wellbeing.

Managing the Post Pandemic Impacts

The pandemic has transformed the traditional office work environment with employees transitioning to a hybrid or remote work model. While employers are requesting a return to the office, many employees are rethinking this return due to reduced flexibility, commuting challenges, the complexity of scheduling meetings with other hybrid workers, and the loss of productive work conditions. Similarly, employers are faced with the challenges of retaining and attracting talent in a demanding market, while also providing tools and resources to foster employee engagement with company culture. Additionally, certain jurisdictions that previously lacked regulations on psychosocial risks are seeing a new focus on employee mental wellness. 

Our Approach

Antea Group understands the importance of proper preparation and how well-crafted and tested programs and training can help companies bolster company culture, improve employee satisfaction, protect lives, manage risk, and provide for business continuity. Our team of experts from around the globe can assist you with creating a custom approach, specific to your business operations and sensitive to your risk tolerance and resource constraints to ensure you have a proactive, effective plan for your current and future business configuration. We work with key stakeholders such as your business continuity team, senior leadership, crisis management, environmental, health, and safety (EHS), facilities, human resources, security and risk management to determine the best solution for your business and provide appropriate components that fit your company’s EHS culture.

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