Today’s increasingly global marketplace is prompting many companies to expand their operations to new and exciting markets. However, without on-the-ground resources or knowledge of local regulations, management of environment, health and safety (EHS) programs can be a major hurdle.

The Challenges

Corporate EHS leaders are challenged with establishing EHS programs, dealing with language and cultural issues, and understanding regulatory requirements and the cultural nuances of doing business in the host country. While other operational functions of the company may have parallels in each country, EHS expectations, practices, and cultural norms can, and often do, differ greatly. When these differences are not fully understood and planned for, unexpected, time consuming and costly issues may arise.

The Solution

Antea Group, through its Inogen Environmental Alliance (Inogen), provides local resources and expertise to help you understand all the cultural nuances and interpret country-specific EHS compliance requirements. Founded in 2001 to better serve companies expanding globally, Inogen is a network of partnering EHS consultancies, totaling more than 4,300 staff in over 160 offices across the world.

Each Inogen associate provides global understanding of current EHS issues combined with local resources and regulatory knowledge in the regions they serve. With Inogen, there is a friendly, knowledgeable local wherever you need one. “Clients can rely on getting the local knowledge and advice that they need, delivered in the reporting style they require for their own corporate standards and practices," says Alex Ferguson, CEO of Delta-Simons, a member of Inogen. "Inogen clients have the support in every country where they operate with consistent high quality service.”

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“Expanding operations into new geographies requires communication, understanding and patience,” says Angie Stagg, President of Inogen. “Different languages and cultural nuances combined with country-specific EHS regulations and enforcement standards are all new realities that have to be managed effectively.”

Inogen Associates are EHS experts in their respective geographies, specializing in services that resolve liabilities from the past, address current operating requirements and prepare businesses for a sustainable future. This includes everything from site investigation and remediation activities to EHS program development and facility audits to cleaner production and water resource management.

Andreas Kopton, CEO of HPC AG, another Inogen member, stresses the importance of Inogen's innovative business model, a single point of contact: "Most of our clients are acting internationally and Inogen supports their global footprint. Being able to support clients everywhere they work is vital—with Inogen, that experience is consistent and simplified, through one point of contact.“

This model directs client work seamlessly anywhere in the world from global program implementation to local project completion. Additionally, defined practice standards set uniform methodologies for work, and a contract with one Inogen Associate allows access to the entire network – there is no need to enter into separate contracts with each Associate.

Durkee concludes, “When travelling abroad, it’s always nice when a local gives you the inside scoop. The same is true when expanding business into a new country. Through Inogen, we provide local resources and expertise to help you understand the new EHS landscape, reduce risk and ensure compliance,” 

Meet Some of Our Inogen Alliance Partners

Antea Group (Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, Netherlands, USA)

Chola MS Risk (India)

Delta-Simons (United Kingdom, Ireland)

Denkstatt (Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia)

DGE (Denmark, Luthiania, Sweden, Latvia, Norway)

Environmental Centre IFPA (Russia)

ESC (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore)

ESD China (China)

HPC (Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Poland, Spain)

Peter J Ramsay Associates (Australia)

Terrapex (Canada)

Learn how Antea Group and our Inogen partners have helped global companies overcome difficult EHS obstacles.

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