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Event Health & Safety Support: Developing COVID-19 Protocols for In-Person Events
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Event Health & Safety Support: Developing COVID-19 Protocols for In-Person Events

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Event Health & Safety Support: Developing COVID-19 Protocols for In-Person Events


The client, a global technology company, reached out to Antea Group to discuss a request for Health & Safety Support for events. The client manages events for internal employees as well as clients that are hosted within the client’s office spaces as well as private leased spaces. The client also requested support with COVID-19 protocols and testing for third-party events that their employees would attend.

With COVID-19 still in full swing, the client’s objective was to allow employees to get together safely in person. Their environment, health, and safety (EHS) and Security staff needed additional support to manage safety protocols, coordination, and COVID-19 testing for events occurring not only in the US but globally. COVID-19 testing was being performed for employees, attendees, and vendors at events larger than 25 people in both the US and in the APAC region.

The desired outcome of this project was to provide the client with real-time support for events, incident management for COVID-19 cases, and assist with the development of event safety protocols globally. The support would allow the client to continue to scale events for employees while maintaining safety and reducing incidents. The support also would allow for identifying successful COVID-19 self-testing methods to reduce the use of an onsite vendor supporting testing.


In order to properly support the client, it was determined that a senior-level EHS resource would be used. This resource was able to provide the client with not only appropriate task-related support but also insight on strategies being used by the client’s peers. They were able to utilize their experience and previously created protocols to help guide the client in their decision-making as well as speak to employees and senior leadership to gauge sensitivity around topics and support needs. 

The senior-level EHS resource was utilized for a 50%-time commitment for four months. Support tasks included:

  • attending event planning meetings to address questions around COVID-19 protocols and coordination
  • attending leadership meetings to discuss protocols for events
  • answering employee questions about COVID-19 requirements
  • developing protocols for COVID-19 testing, event safety coordination, and incident management.

The resource worked in conjunction with Antea Group employees who currently were assigned to full-time roles supporting the client’s office locations around the US. This allowed Antea Group to provide consistent support not only at remote events but also at events hosted in the client’s offices.


The support allowed the client to continue increasing the number of events as well as the scale (attendance) while decreasing potential COVID-19 outbreaks. Protocols for COVID-19 testing (in-person and self-testing) and incident management were developed for client use. The client successfully implemented some self-testing methods for events that reduced the need for vendor testing support and allowed for more flexibility in event locations and attendance.

The client eventually hired a full-time resource to continue supporting their events and utilizing the protocols developed by Antea Group. Having Antea Group’s support gave the client time to find the appropriate resource and created a smooth, successful transition while the resource stepped into the position. This support from Antea Group and the protocols developed allowed for an uninterrupted transition.

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