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We are 16 months into the COVID19 pandemic and companies are slowly reopening and returning to normal. Do you know if you are compliant with COVID-19 requirements and accurately assessing the current risk?  

As we enter a new normal following COVID-19, learn how to adapt your health and safety (H&S) policies so that you are in compliance and keeping your employees safe. In this webinar, our experts will help you navigate the constantly changing local requirements, identify best practices for holding events, and discuss the benefits of a COVID-19 Compliance Officer. 

Our pandemic planning and COVID-19 support professionals have guided clients through all stages of planning, overcoming current workforce challenges, and resuming operations. Managing business continuity and keeping your workforce healthy, while tracking and adhering to frequently changing guidance, can be challenging to say the least. A well-defined return-to-work strategy should help you protect lives, manage your risk, and maintain business continuity.

Join us Wednesday, June 23, at 2pm EDT for Returning to Work Safely: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from a COVID19 Compliance Officer, where you can expect to gain:

  • details on what to consider when holding a company event
  • considerations regarding the value of a COVID-19 compliance officer during events and your return-to-work activities
  • information on how to navigate changing regulations at a local level
  • tips on making your employees feel safe at company activities/locations
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