NOTE, the original broadcast date for the webinar was March 25, 2020 but you can still access it via the Regenesis site here

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Our very own remediation rock stars, Jack Shelon and Caron Koll, will be special guest presenters on an upcoming Regenesis webinar series.

There is no environmental topic currently creating as much buzz as PFAS. Jack and Caron will discuss lessons learned from a decade of experience working with PFAS contaminants in groundwater. Attendees can expect to learn how to create a custom sampling program, demonstrated by a case study of an environmental site; about a method that can be used to sort the chaos out of data; and how to determine whether a product contains PFAS by looking at a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Join them as they dig a little deeper into this evolving topic as they present PFAS Perspectives: Lessons Learned from a Decade of Experience.

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