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Webinar Information

Over the past few years, companies have been actively developing programs and disclosing their performance on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) activities – the non-financial indicators that investors and other stakeholders view as key to assessing performance in the marketplace. Several ESG disclosure frameworks have sought to standardize the disclosures relevant to various sectors and allow for apples-to-apples comparison of non-financial performance. This webinar will convene ESG and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) experts to discuss how EHS compliance programs contribute to robust and complete ESG programs and disclosures, and some key steps that companies can take to better integrate the two fields.

Learn how to prepare for emerging global disclosure mandates:

  • Overview of ESG reporting frameworks and how they integrate EHS compliance considerations
  • Action items you can start now to improve your organizational ESG narrative across EHS topics
  • The value of an organization’s EHS compliance programs when telling your ESG story to the world
  • Getting to “best in class” on ESG disclosures related to EHS – what are some differentiators?
  • How EHS professionals can elevate the visibility of their work within an organization by tying to ESG indicators and being involved in ESG goal/target setting
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