Oil production is ramping up again, and that means more inspections and compliance items to keep track of at oil and gas facilities. EHS managers, especially at smaller or mid-sized storage facilities, can find themselves stretched thin, trying to maintain visibility over several sites via old-school manual processes carried out by field staff already busy with production responsibilities.

Particularly in this industry, there is a real efficiency gap in recording and organizing field data, and the traditional method of transferring notes for all those leaks is way too slow. The pen and paper method also opens the door for non-compliance risk, including inaccurate information, and missing tight regulatory timelines.

Dependable Data

Enter the intuitive app—LDAR dashboard. Now, instead of taking paper and pencil field notes, traveling back to an office, scanning in forms and photos, organizing and labeling everything, and finally emailing the appropriate contact, the user has an intuitive app to get it all done in one step. This real-time software allows employees to be notified the moment something is discovered in the field, and all input forms and output reports are customizable to correspond to the regulatory forms that would have been filled out by hand in the past.

For oil and gas users, we have created supplementary compliance forms in addition to the standard LDAR forms are built into the system. These forms can easily be added or removed and include: AVO inspections, new equipment entry, well unloading inspections, flare downtime tracking, and equipment inventory validation. Tracking sheets and forms are automatically populated and ready to submit to a regulatory agency at the click of a button, and the system can store other required data to review later on.

Solving People Problems

By eliminating multiple steps of the traditional field inspection model, you can free up staff to move quickly from facility to facility, well to well, easily capturing information. (Plus, EHS managers have additional ways to maintain accountability, as all records have a time and date stamp as well as a GPS enabled location recording.)

Instead of needing to send “extra” people out just for environmental inspections, which can be costly and inflexible, your existing team or contractor can do more with less effort. Office managers are not hand-holding and managing field staff (who can access all the info they need within the app,) and field staff can move on with their work more quickly with no scanning or endless calls back to the office.

Doing More with Less

Utilizing technology to streamline your LDAR program enables your team to get more done in less time and with lower costs. Having your information in an all-in-one backend takes the guesswork from field notes and saves oil and gas EHS managers like you a compliance-related headache later. It’s time: Jump headfirst into the new digital, app-based world and watch as data collection, monitoring, and big-picture analysis get a whole lot easier.

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