Leak Detection and Repair Dashboard EHS Support

Leak Detection and Repair Dashboard and Compliance Support

For all your LDAR Tracking Needs

Due to increasingly stringent Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) regulations, many organizations are struggling to stay ahead of scheduling, record keeping, and data collection requirements. Facilities need a management system that can increase efficiency during the inspection and recordkeeping processes, and Antea Group has found a way to do just that, offering unique LDAR compliance support powered by technology and supported by our experts.

Efficient and Effective LDAR Tracking Through Technology…

Antea Group’s exclusive new LDAR Dashboard allows you to store and trend large amounts of field data with streamlined scheduling and notification abilities. The system includes simple forms for data collection via mobile devices, which field inspectors already have, and provides a summary of outstanding leaks as well as a timeline for compliance.

The dashboard provides real-time data updates with GPS information, time and date stamps, and attached site photos, and generates automatic email notifications to both field and office personnel. The streamlined system packages inspection efficiency, record accountability, notifications, and reporting, ultimately saving you time and money.

…Powered by Our Experts

Antea Group’s team of seasoned LDAR experts stay current with the investigation methods, requirements, and technologies that keep your data organized and managed and your facilities in compliance. We have completed thousands of leak detection inspections and implemented continuous monitoring programs that include monthly, quarterly, annual, and one‐time inspections as well as scheduling, data management, and recordkeeping. We have experience inspecting gas plants, tank batteries, and pipelines to ensure that you are protecting your employees, minimizing product loss, and staying in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Antea Group LDAR Dashboard and support services include:

  • Written leak detection and repair program documentation

  • Personnel training

  • Asset inventory and tagging

  • Leak monitoring

  • Data management and reporting including:

    • Email notifications

    • Delay of Repair list generation

    • Easy-to-complete forms

    • PDF report outputs

  • Real-time field updates

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