As an EHS professional, you wear many hats – you may be responsible for EHS programs that span multiple regions and continents, requiring you to understand a lot about local laws and cultural differences. With these big responsibilities can come big pressure, since the safety and wellbeing of your workplace is on the line. With regulations and company operations constantly in flux, no one person can have the specific knowledge needed for every situation without a little help…

We’ve Got Your Back

Our solution for global and regional EHS managers who needs to know what they don’t know? Antea Group’s Global RegSupport Helpdesk. Maybe you’re dealing with organizational expansion, budget cuts, personnel changes, understanding government audit findings/recommendations, or trying to interpret the impacts of new regulations written in a foreign language? You need to quickly understand the implications and how best to resolve the challenges.

Global RegSupport Helpdesk gives you access to our worldwide network of EHS professionals who are ready and willing to answer any environmental, health and safety question, no matter how big or small, within 48 business hours. This means that you will receive an answer to your regulatory or policy question for a fixed price (that fits within your tight budget) in a timely manner. Whether you cover North or South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, or Asia, we have EHS partners well-versed in applying federal, state, and local rules and regulations on standby.

Testing, Testing

Want to know more? Here’s a sample question that came in pertaining to office health and safety requirements:

Location: Belgium, Luxembourg

Regulation: Country-Specific Health and Safety Office Requirements

Question: Polish law requires that any offices with more than 100 associates needs to have a training and designated safety professional on staff, does any similar requirement exist in Belgium?

Our answer: Every company in Belgium must establish an Internal Department for Health & Safety at work (IDHSW). This IDHSW has several obligations for promoting and monitoring Health and Safety at work. Depending on the size and type of the company, this IDHSW can be managed by the employer himself if the number of employees is below 20. For companies with >20 employees a safety officer must be appointed. This safety officer must have specific basic knowledge (Level 1/2/3) of Health & Safety at work, also depending on the size and type of activities (NACE-code) of the company.

For more example questions and answers, visit our Global RegSupport Help Desk service page.

Stay Up-to-date on Everything EHS

Global RegSupport Helpdesk is perfect for when you don’t need a big global content subscription or a full consulting project – you just need timely answers to questions that can make a real difference for your EHS program. Environmental Leader said it best in their review– Global RegSupport Helpdesk is “A service that is sorely needed.” Regulations are always changing and EHS budgets and resourcing can be tight, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the support you need to help you get (or stay) compliant.

Contact us today if you have questions, or learn more about Global RegSupport Helpdesk and our other global EHS services.

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