Global RegSupport Help Desk

Global RegSupport Help Desk

Fast Answers to Complex EHS Questions

Are you spending too much time researching and answering regulatory questions? Are you distracted by compliance issues related to emerging regulations, changing equipment, operations, or multiple geographies? We can help.

A dynamic regulatory environment is a challenge faced by global companies as they seek to balance risk management and operational performance. More than ever, a keen eye on regulatory compliance is critical to a successful EHS strategy.

Antea Group has a simple solution designed to quickly answer your global regulatory questions as well as provide insights into the implications of regulatory change and trending regulatory developments around the world.

Our Global RegSupport Help Desk is a pay-as-you-go service that gives facility and EHS staff quick and concise answers to global regulatory and compliance questions. This service offers a cost-effective way to proactively get accurate EHS information to assist in maintaining facility and operational compliance. The Global RegSupport Help Desk service addresses EHS questions that don’t need in-depth consulting, but are complex enough to require more than a simple internet search.

One email gets you access to our global network of experts that will confidently answer your questions on emerging or existing regulatory and compliance issues as they relate to your unique business or facility situation. Within 48 hours you will have the answers you need. On request, we can even provide your answers in the local language.

Our experts stand ready to answer global regulatory questions concerning:

Unanswered questions can be a distraction as well as lend uncertainty to decisions and direction. With our simple, clear answers, you can confidently pursue the right course of action for your business. (Check out some sample questions and answers in the SlideShare below!)

Get started today with our Global RegSupport Help Desk; our team of experts will become a part of your team, ready to answer your regulatory and compliance questions so you can stay focused on the right EHS strategies for your company. Our goal is to make your job easier and your business better.


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