Many environment, health and safety (EHS) managers are an “army of one” when it comes to managing EHS compliance across their organizations’ global operations. Regardless of facility location or the growing number of facilities in the company portfolio, they are expected to be regulatory compliance experts, as well as help streamline operations and build a strong safety culture.

However, while EHS managers’ responsibilities are growing, their resources are often shrinking. As a result, many have told us they lack the time, personnel, budget and local insight to effectively ensure compliance at every facility.

EHS FleX, Antea Group’s low-cost, enterprise-level EHS gap analysis service offering, was born out of the need to help our clients tackle these challenges head-on.

EHS FleX is a fit-for-purpose solution that aims to provide EHS managers with the data and insights they need to make informed choices on where to focus their efforts and spend their resources for maximum impact.

How does it work? Our four-step process provides a flexible framework, which allows us to work with you, our client, to uncover gaps and prioritize next steps for closing these gaps—and ultimately drive your EHS culture and program forward. Below we highlight each step.

1. Design

The design phase is a collaborative process that aims to define specific goals and information needs. After our initial discussions and information gathering, we will create a tailored survey questionnaire with specific compliance questions for each facility to complete.

2. Training and kick-off

Before launching the survey into the wild, our global team of consultants will virtually meet your global team to ensure everyone knows the role they will play, and to answer any lingering questions. In addition, we can launch a test survey to ensure that questions are written in a culturally relevant way. During this process, the Antea Group team also carries forward messages and tools from your corporate staff to increase knowledge of resources to support EHS operations, as EHS FleX focuses on team building and laterally sharing information across the corporation as way to support EHS culture.

3. Review

Once the results are in, Antea Group and in-country consultants—who are familiar with the spirit and intent of local regulations and speak the local language—will review survey results and other documentation, and call each site for a deep discussion about your EHS initiatives and your company’s EHS culture.

4. Reporting

The final reporting phase is arguably the most exciting part of the process. This is where we take what we’ve learned and put insights into actionable recommendations. At this point, gap trends across your organization and the facilities themselves are risk-ranked so you can see the highest priority topics and facilities that need your focus. Additionally, Antea Group looks for places where EHS tools/resources could be strategically used to close gaps- globally, regionally or at an individual facility. While the corporate/regional teams get data on EHS risks, the facility gets a list of potential gaps to address to lower its overall EHS risk.

See EHS FleX in Action

EHS FleX is an effective gap analysis and risk assessment tool for global companies with high-risk facilities or a large number of facilities spread across diverse geographies.

Check out our EHS FleX case studies to see how we helped four unique global clients gain insight and actionable next steps.

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