Last Updated August 18, 2022 

Markets rise and fall, and investment trends come and go. While these short-term fluctuations have an impact on a company’s day-to-day stock valuation, they do not accurately reflect the long-term investment potential of an organization.  

When investors want to lock in a company’s future stability and growth potential, one of the best measures available is the company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profile.  

This regularly updated post will serve as your hub to find the latest news and trends around ESG, and what business leaders need to know.  

What Is ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)? 

ESG is a framework for evaluating a company’s long-term health and prosperity as defined by its environmental, social, and governance behaviors. While each component is evaluated individually, investors are looking for strong performance in all three areas:  

  • Environmental: Management of an organization's direct and indirect environmental impact. 
  • Social: Assessment of an organization’s relationships with its employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and communities as well as the social impact of its operations on the surrounding area.  
  • Governance: How a company’s leadership and the board of directors run the organization, including business ethics and oversight of environmental and social impacts. 
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ESG Trends and News 

As the global business community deals with COVID becoming endemic, inflation affecting several economies, and the continuing roll-out of regulations to confront climate change, keeping up with what’s happening in ESG is more important than ever.    

Bookmark this page so you can stay up with the latest, as we’ll update it on a routine basis to capture important developments in this fast-changing space.  

Tech-Enabling Your ESG Story 

Forbes, July 26, 2022 

  • Learn what’s happening at the intersection of ESG and cloud technology. Tony Bowers and Jeffrey Spectre of the PwC Cloud and Digital Transformation team explain how existing emerging cloud technologies enable data-sharing and automation of the ESG reporting process, making it easier for more companies to meet the growing demands for ESG accountability.  

ESG Is Far More Than a Marketing Gimmick  

Wall Street Journal, July 25, 2022  

  • In a letter to the editor, President of Breckinridge Capital Advisors Peter Coffin responds to Andy Kessler’s criticism of ESG with his take on how investment experts can best use ESG to assess a company’s performance. 

Want to Excel in ESG? Craft a “Green Ocean” Strategy  

Harvard Business Review, June 14, 2022 

  • Financial strategists Pablo Hernandez-Lagos and Dylan Minor offer insight into how companies can carve out a niche in what is becoming a crowded ESG market by following what they dubbed the “Green Ocean” strategy. 

Getting Familiar with ESG Frameworks  

Antea Group News, June 14, 2022 

Intel Doubles Down on ESG With Launch of Second-Gen Bitcoin Mining Chips  

Coin Desk, April 4, 2022 

  • Bitcoin miners might finally have a path forward with meeting ESG benchmarks thanks to Intel’s new Bitcoin mining chips. This piece is a deep dive into the specs and performance of these chips, and what it means for ESG.  

The Crucial ESG Topics to Focus On Right Now  

Antea Group News, Jan 16, 2022 

  • An overview of what’s happening in ESG in 2022 that includes guidance for companies seeking to launch their own ESG strategies. This piece offers a timely snapshot of which factors matter most in developing an ESG strategy and how to find your ESG focus.  

ESG Resources and Additional Reading 

Want to explore the topic of ESG more in-depth? We’ve pulled together some resources to get you started. 

  • ESG: Your Guide to Next-Level Sustainability (Ebook) 
    • Gain a deeper understanding of what ESG is and why it has become a key framework in evaluating the health and resiliency of a business’s operations.  
  • Guide to Creating an ESG Action Plan (Guide) 
    • A thorough guide on how to create your own ESG action plan. This ebook includes examples of completed action plans and a template for laying out your own action plan. 
  • Tips and Frameworks for Successful ESG Strategies (Antea Group Blog, Dec 14, 2021) 
    • Unsure how to optimize your ESG efforts? This piece explores actionable strategies and proven frameworks to help you develop a meaningful ESG program.  
  • What Does the ‘S’ in ESG Mean? Explaining Social Criteria (Antea Group Blog, Nov 2, 2021) 
    • A complete look at what the Social component of ESG involves, including a look at the 5 most common areas of interest. 
  • Adapting Your Business Strategy to an ESG Framework (Antea Group Blog, Oct 11, 2021) 
    • Using an ESG Framework provides a proven path toward meaningful change that will improve your organization’s ESG profile. This piece goes into detail about how to adapt your business strategy to that ESG framework. 
  • Understanding the ‘E’ in ESG: Environmental Risk (Antea Group Blog, Sept 7, 2021) 
    • Learn why Environmental factors can be the most complex for companies to track, and how failing to address them can negatively impact your company. 
  • ESG vs. CSR: Key Distinctions (Antea Group Blog, Aug 9, 2021) 
    • Gain an understanding of the similarities and differences between ESG and CSR. 
  • The Financial and Practical Implications of Delivering on Your ESG Strategy (Antea Group Blog, July 26, 2021) 
    • ESG was developed as a tool for the financial sector. Learn more about why you should be treating ESG as a business strategy to secure your future organizational value.  
  • 7 Steps to Develop and Implement an ESG Strategy (Antea Group Blog, Mar 24, 2021) 
    • This piece lays out the step-by-step process for gathering information needed to develop and implement your organization’s ESG strategy. 
  • ESG and Oil and Gas Industry (Antea Group Blog, April 1, 2020) 
    • Gain perspective on how industries with complex environmental risk factors can still build meaningful ESG strategies. This post features a conversation with oil and gas expert Lindsay Burton. 
  • Shifting Mindsets to ESG Approaches in Business (Inogen Alliance Blog, August 8, 2022)
    • Guest Author Dan Bena, Purpose and ESG Executive, focuses on how one major aspect may be missing in achieving sustainable results and becoming a leader in the ESG space: shifting mindset.
  • ESG drivers highlight value of cross border partnerships (Inogen Alliance Blog, May 10, 2022)
    • Forming partnerships with firms based in other countries helps consulting firms to expand the expertise on offer and provide a more localized service wherever the client is operating, especially so when it comes to ESG consulting.
  • Global ESG Trends in 2022 (Inogen Alliance Blog, April 19, 2022)
    • This article explores some of the most pressing ESG trends and insights discussed at the Inogen Alliance Spring Meeting across the global environment, health, safety, and sustainability consultants.
  • How to Compare ESG and Sustainability Reporting Standards (Inogen Alliance Blog, December 1, 2021)
    • This article wants to bring clarity, focusing on ESG reporting standards that are used to draft (stand-alone or integrated) ESG and sustainability reports.

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