Industry newsletters are a valuable resource for busy professionals. The best newsletters are brimming with the information you need in an easy-to-digest format, allowing you to skim over the latest news or click through for a deeper dive.  

In the fast-changing and increasingly urgent world of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), these kinds of regular updates can be especially helpful. 

Depending on the focus of the newsletter, you can find anything from a round-up of important news items to listings of upcoming industry events and training opportunities, insights from ESG experts, and even case studies. Some newsletters also present an opportunity to contribute your own content so you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your area of expertise.  

Of course, your inbox is a sacred place, so you need to be selective about what you’re subscribing to. We can help. 

ESG Newsletters Worth Checking Out 

Below we’ve curated 10 of the top ESG newsletters covering the topics that matter to the world of sustainability and social progress. 

GreenFin Weekly 

Publisher: Greenbiz 

Cost: Free 

Focus: Weekly news and analysis on ESG and sustainable finance 

Overview: GreenFin offers round-ups of top-performing organizations and individuals within the framework of ESG initiatives, as well as deeper dives into specific areas such as the intersection of social and environmental justice, the link between executive pay and ESG performance, and many other hot-button topics. 

Climate Tech Weekly 

Publisher: Greenbiz 

Cost: Free 

Focus: Coverage of the ecosystem creating technologies and products that are explicitly focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions or addressing the impacts of global warming. 

Overview: In the same vein as the other Greenbiz offering, GreenFin, Climate Tech features roundups and news from the world of climate technology. With a focus on the latest technologies being developed to combat the climate crisis, this is an excellent newsletter for the more tech-minded sustainability pro. 

Sustainable Brands 

Publisher: Sustainable Brands 

Cost: Free 

Focus: Each newsletter and update will arm you with the latest news, tools, and virtual media so you can keep on top of the rapidly shifting landscape of sustainable business. 

Overview: This weekly digest delivers a feed of top stories on climate, ESG, and renewable energy. Sustainable Brands accepts submissions from authors and could be a gateway to amplifying your voice in the industry. 

ESG Regulatory Newsletter 

Publisher: Accenture 

Cost: Free 

Focus: The goal of this newsletter is to inform practitioners about current and upcoming ESG regulations, and to provide other information helpful to navigating the rapidly evolving ESG regulatory landscape. 

Overview: This no-frills offering delivers exactly what regulatory-minded leaders are looking for: trending topics, regulatory updates, and a featured article that goes more in-depth on a specific topic.  

5 Ally Actions  

Publisher: Better Allies 

Cost: Free 

Focus: Better allyship starts here. Each week, Karen Catlin shares five simple actions to create a more inclusive workplace. 

Overview: This social-focused newsletter delivers weekly actions to improve workplace inclusion. While this isn’t as industry-focused as other newsletters featured here, Catlin links to current events and sources of inspiration for action that have a broad impact on corporate social programs. 

Inside Philanthropy 

Publisher: Inside Philanthropy 

Cost: $47 monthly subscription 

Focus: The most in-depth coverage of foundations and major donors found anywhere. It's a must-read for fundraisers, grantmakers, and consultants 

Overview: For those with a finger on the pulse of corporate governance, IP’s newsletter offers insights into what’s happening in the funder community. If you have an interest in following the money, this is the newsletter for you. 

SmartBrief on Sustainability 

Publisher: SmartBrief 

Cost: Free 

Focus: A daily snapshot of sustainable business topics with news from Bloomberg Businessweek,, and other leading sources. 

Overview: This news round-up style newsletter gathers top sustainability stories from trusted sources and delivers them to you in digest format. Recent newsletters featured content on the future of EVs, sustainable packaging, and the outlook for renewable energy costs. 

SmartBrief on Renewable Energy 

Publisher: SmartBrief 

Cost: Free 

Focus: A daily snapshot of the renewable energy industry with news from Energy Efficiency News, Bloomberg, and other leading sources. 

Overview: Another offering from SmartBrief, this daily newsletter delivers a digest of top stories from news leaders on the topic of renewable energy. Recent newsletters featured content on the future of grid modernization, the integrity of carbon offsets, and energy policy news. 

Business Brief  

Publisher: Innovation Forum 

Cost: Free 

Focus: Innovation Forum researches, creates, and facilitates debate-driven, focused events and discussions tackling the critical business sustainability challenges around the world. 

Overview: A weekly round-up of news, podcasts, and analysis with a featured piece of original research. Topics covered include forests and agriculture, innovation, human rights, supply chain strategy, plastic pollution, and more. 

The Brief 

Publisher: ImpactAlpha 

Cost: $39 monthly subscription 

Focus: Daily, actionable news about impact investing and sustainable finance. 

Overview: This daily newsletter delivers the latest on social and environmental impact investing. With features focused on trends and industry leaders, this subscription-based newsletter comes with access to a members-only Slack channel for deeper networking and collaborative conversations. 

The New Leaf

… Oh, how could we forget? There’s one more newsletter that we humbly believe is a must for anyone with interest in these topics: Subscribe to the free monthly Antea Group newsletter: