Science-based target support

Science-Based Targets

A science-based target, or SBT, is an emissions reduction target that is set by a company in alignment with the most current climate science available. Targets are implemented in order to prevent the global average temperature from rising greater than 2°C, and each target is validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Has your organization set a target or committed to setting one or more, or are you curious what it would take?

We Understand the Challenges of SBTs

There are numerous barriers that can prevent companies from setting and achieving actionable goals, including:

  • Managing the effort required to accurately map scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.
  • Aligning the company’s desired targets with SBTi requirements.
  • Moving from a goal to quantifiable emissions reductions.
  • Accounting for unknown technological advancements and business position 20-30 years in the future.
  • Determining if the internal culture is ready for a commitment to SBTs.
  • Influencing supply chain operations.
  • Implementing real change when responsibility for sustainability is often owned by communications and reporting groups rather than within operations, where the reductions need to take place.

We Have the Experience to Help Your Company Navigate SBTs

Antea Group works with many companies across various industries that are either currently setting SBTs or considering doing so. Our expert team has helped clients understand the background of science-based targets, including the global context of the initiative and the science behind it. We have walked companies through the applicable methodologies, and provided assistance in setting targets that align with SBT guidance and the needs of the organization. And we are helping companies develop actionable plans to meet ambitious emissions reductions as part of ongoing carbon strategies and/or SBT-specific efforts.

We have deep expertise in facilities optimization, renewables procurement, and energy management to help companies define a strategy and drive improvements in order to meet ambitious targets. We also have a strong, long-term relationship with CDP and a robust understanding of the economic impacts of SBTs, including capital commitment, cost savings, and return on investment.

Antea Group Science-Based Targeting Services:

  • SBT Readiness

  • SBT Scenario Planning

    • Emissions target plan
    • Capital expenditure plan
    • Client-specific interventions
  • SBT Validation

    • Support application process
    • Submit target for certification
    • Review comments and assist revise/ defend

We’re here to help, from initial planning and evaluation through to the final target validation submittal. Contact us today for more information or to get started on your SBT journey.