High-Resolution Environmental Site Characterization & Remedial Investigations

High Resolution Site Characterization

Leveraging data and technology for better business decisions

Let Antea Group support your organization with our cost-effective environmental site management, expediting and reducing lifecycles by using technology to enhance data quality and visualization. Our model provides greater data density and accuracy; a streamlined, technology-enabled process out in the field; and increased transparency in data interpolation, all leading to strong stakeholder engagement and more informed business decisions. 

When bundled with our CAVe™ data visualization solution and our reserve cost modeling, Antea Group’s site investigation and remediation services can reduce liability lifecycle reserves across your organizational portfolio, creating bottom-line value for future business investments.

Benefits of Conceptual Site Modeling Include:

  • Maximized field data density
  • Increased data QA/QC
  • Increased field quality performance
  • Increased source area definition
  • Real-time data analysis 
  • More targeted field investigation decisions 
  • Reduced fixed-based laboratory costs
  • Reduced field costs
  • Reduced data gaps
  • Reduced lifecycle and costs

Pairing with CAVe Enhanced Data Visualization Offers:

  • Regulatory and legal confidence in site work and closure strategies
  • Facilitation of mutually acceptable risk-based decisions
  • Facilitation of sensitive receptor risk management decisions
  • Common understanding of complex, multi-year data sets
  • Effective stakeholder communications & negotiations
  • Cost-effective remedial strategies
  • More targeted engineering design
  • Standard methods for plume architecture simulation & mass estimates
  • More precise corporate reserve lifecycle cost modeling
  • Refined monitoring well networks
  • Increased remediation performance

sample high-res site data view


Contact us today to learn more about how high-resolution site characterization can work for you, or read more about our CAVe data management and visualization service here.