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Reserve Forecasting & Validation

Quantifying risks and costs to aid decision making

Antea Group has specialized experience in addressing uncertainty around environmental reserves through cost modeling, decision analysis and stakeholder communication to help you evaluate risks, enhance efficiencies in the decision-making process, and put numbers to hard-to-quantify business drivers.

You are faced with the unknowns around legacy liability – whether it’s a new acquisition, an unused asset, an operating facility, or perhaps you want to improve your balance sheet.  You might find yourself asking questions like what are the risks involved, is this approach cost and time-effective, what are the regulatory implications, what will happen if I don’t do anything, and how could this impact our reputation?

Antea Group will work with you to model potential choices for uncertain situations through a decision analysis combined with Monte Carlo simulation and other innovative tools. Our process is fit for your purpose: it starts with identifying those uncertain variables, assigning value ranges to those variables, using scenario planning to help understand the available options, and finally validating the process with industry experts. Through this process, we quantify your uncertainties and produce data that can be used as a communication tool for your teams and leadership.

Unlike linear cost estimation, we use a well-defined and proven probabilistic modeling process that incorporates both scope and cost variability into a decision tree framework, letting you visually map out complex, multi-layered decisions in a sequential and organized manner. We follow current Best Practices set by ASTM E2137 for Estimating Monetary Costs and Liabilities for Environmental Matters.

Our cost modeling services can be applied to many scenarios across a wide range of industries. Example applications include:

  • Capital Project Estimation
  • Disaster Planning
  • Insurance and Reinsurance Strategy
  • Loss Reserves Estimation
  • Pollution Remediation & Reserves
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Production Siting
  • Supply Chain Risk Analysis

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