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Data Management and Visualization for Interim Measure Plan
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Data Management and Visualization for Interim Measure Plan

Data Management and Visualization for Interim Measure Plan


Groundwater impact was discovered at the bedrock surface off-site and the client needed to quickly be able to access a long history of site data and develop a conceptual site model. Visually understanding where the impacted groundwater was in relation to property boundaries, surface water and stratigraphic features was critical for the client to determine next steps.


A team was assembled to address an Interim Measures plan and the CAVe was engaged. The CAVe team supported the project by:

  • Loading data from 1990-present into EQuIS. (Historical access database provided from previous consultants.)
  • Checking for data inconsistencies
  • Loading 3,900 samples 
  • Loading 130,000 laboratory results 
  • Migrating stratigraphy data from the Modflow model to ArcGIS
  • Migrating site data to ArcScene to prep the data in 3D
  • Bringing boring and groundwater impact data for constituents of concern (COC) into Entervol for modeling in three dimensions
  • Plotting groundwater model plumes with vertical and horizontal planes to visualize migration of the COCs
  • Creating visual presentation of stratigraphy, groundwater impact and groundwater parameters for use in client/regulatory meetings


Output from the CAVe group drove the Interim Measure solution and assisted in the client understanding the magnitude of the impact. Upon presenting the Interim Measures solution to the client with supporting information from the conceptual site modeling and visualization, the client awarded Antea Group the project for execution of the interim measure.

The CAVe group has continued to support the Client team with 3D lithologic and chemistry modeling as the Interim Measure has been instituted. Additional modeling of mass flux data along the transect that an ISCO product is intended to be injected has proven invaluable to the team. 

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