Antea Group divestiture planning services

Divestiture Planning

Antea Group's divestiture planning prepares our clients for managing their EHS risks and liabilities on the sell side when exiting a business, divesting assets, or both.

Our job is to help our clients look at all aspects of their EHS programs and prepare the necessary documentation for buyer review. Successfully navigating the scrutiny of buy-side due diligence requires anticipation, thought, and planning. We help you maintain the full confidence of the buyer that all risks are well characterized and manageable. Characterizing uncertainties and unknowns is the key to avoiding deal-breakers or getting into extended negotiations on deal value and deal structuring around EHS liabilities and risks.

We understand how to prepare our clients on the sell side. We look at everything a buyer will look at and make sure the appropriate documentation is in place and available to satisfy buyer concerns over risks and liabilities. The end goal is to make sure the buyer is comfortable with the risks, avoiding material deal valuation reductions and keeping everyone at the negotiating table.

Sell side divestiture planning and preparation services include:

  • Strategic consultation

  • Data Room population, including document review and preparation

  • Risk and liability quantification for expected deal negotiations

  • Phase I /Phase II for issue identification and characterization

  • Staging of legacy liabilities including path to closure documentation

  • Permit closures

  • Site decontamination and/or decommissioning

  • Closure documentation from regulatory authorities to close out pending issues. 

Managing the characterization of risks and liabilities well in advance of a pending transaction is key to steering potential buyers into controlled negotiations with well-defined boundaries and limits. With our global reach through the Inogen Environmental Alliance, we can be anywhere you need us, when you need us. 

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