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We have all been hearing and reading about Per- and poly- fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS), a persistent class of chemicals developed for fire suppression, as a fire retardant, as a water repellent, and as surfactants in a wide variety of applications. Over the past five years there has been considerable hype surrounding PFAS; however, there were few business – and no regulatory – drivers that would result in business risk for most organizations. That has now changed.

PFAS is undergoing intense scrutiny by the public and media, regulations are being passed, litigation is heating up, and industry is being investigated around their production and use of PFAS. The time has arrived to act, or your organization may be at risk for non-compliance, damage to your brand, or impact to your operations. What are the key actions you need to take for risk management and compliance?

Our PFAS experts have been monitoring the regulatory framework and litigation activity surrounding PFAS since 2008 and have been involved with the assessment and/or remediation of hundreds of PFAS sites in the US and Europe. In the absence of clear regulation, lawsuits are ongoing for PFAS from environment impact to drinking water from hundreds of unsuspecting sites, and federal reporting rules are now in place under the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) 313.

Learn the four fundamental steps you should take to either remove PFAS from your list of concerns or address this class of compounds in a way that minimizes your business risk. It's time to manage the risks to your brand, product, legacy liability, and operations.

The webinar was broadcast live on May 25th, 2021.

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