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Low-income, minority, tribal, and indigenous communities are more likely to be impacted by environmental hazards and more likely to live near contaminated lands. While these communities fought for justice for decades, the topic of environmental justice has become increasingly thrust into the spotlight in recent years due to a renewed public focus on historically marginalized communities. As we improve infrastructure to mitigate climate change, our current administration has prioritized environmental justice and the “just transition.” Recent legislation includes substantial funding for environmental justice and indicates that future ESG reporting requirements will include environmental justice as a key element. On the forefront, private litigation on this topic has accelerated, with some cases setting precedent for environmental justice regulations. Meanwhile, some states have taken action in the absence of federal regulations.    

Experts from CMBG3 Law, Great American Insurance Group, and Antea Group will dive into environmental justice and its history, review the EPA’s plan and infrastructure legislation, examine how to evaluate exposure, and discuss pertinent insurance trends with some claim examples. You will walk away with actionable items that will help you to understand and mitigate your risk and better position your business and its relationship with your community.

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