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Grounded in the most current climate science available, science-based targets (SBTs) provide an evidence-based, goal-setting framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fueling business transformation. This has signified hundreds of companies to set SBTs. But what comes after that?

We’re excited to invite you to join Antea Group’s leading SBT experts for an engaging webcast, Science-Based Targets: One Small Step…One Giant Leap: Practical strategies for launching your SBTs off the ground. We will reveal insights on tools and methods that can be used to achieve your SBT – whether your company is thinking about setting an SBT or you already have one approved by the SBT Initiative.

If you attend the Science-Based Targets: One Small Step…One Giant Leap webcast, you can expect:

  • Context and definitions for Science-Based Targets and business aspects to consider
  • An exploration of the various decarbonization opportunities that exist for your company
  • Tips for developing a business-focused, quantified roadmap for achieving your SBTs

Our SBT experts, Charlie Quann and Lizzy Selvik, will provide you with tangible knowledge on how to create a plan to achieve your SBTs, as well as take a deep dive into some common decarbonization mechanisms that you can apply to your own company’s emission reduction efforts.

We sincerely hope to you can join the webinar!

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