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Do you manage fleet safety and compliance for your organization? If your fleet safety program is compliant with applicable regulatory requirements, you’re likely in a position to build on this base by looking to other areas where you can improve efficiency, employee morale, overall safety culture, operations performance, and safety results. Maintaining a positive safety culture can become the norm within your organization when you implement a safety management system (SMS) to identify systemic risks and focus on continuous improvement.

The systems approach to safety management is a superior approach to closing common gaps in the integration of safety, risk management, and compliance. Throughout this webinar, our leading health and safety consultants will describe the components of an SMS, how to implement them in a manner that works for your organization, the benefits of implementation, and why implementing an SMS is an important step in improving fleet safety and compliance.

Join us for our webinar, Driving Safety and DOT Compliance Through Implementation of a Safety Management System, at 2pm EDT, Thursday, June 23, to learn more and keep your fleet rolling safely along!

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