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Organizations have been managing remediation legacy liability around the world since the 1960s and have experienced a multitude of challenges to reduce or remove these liabilities from the books. The horror stories range from “These sites just never go away” to “Why is there so much variability in this reserve?” along with everyone’s favorite, “Why does the estimated cost to close these sites keep going up with no end in sight?” If you have experienced – or had to manage through – the maze of regulators, NGOs, attorneys, consultants, public concerns, and internal company pressure, you were probably hoping for something that could help you extinguish your liability while speaking “business” to your financial or executive team. 

Understanding complex technical issues, managing “technically righteous” consultants, keeping regulators happy, and engaging with your operations and finance team can be a struggle. Most people live in a world of constant change orders, complex stakeholder engagement, and regulatory remediation programs that seem to go on forever. These liabilities are a burden to the balance sheet and finding the pathway to manage them to zero is a business-driven goal for your organizational stakeholders. That business driver can be used as a vehicle to close sites and quickly extinguish those legacy remediation liabilities. 

You’re invited to view our on-demand webinar, 3 Pillars of a Successful Legacy Liability Management Program, and learn about how to teach your remediation portfolio managers how to present those strategies to your leadership team. These three pillars will be the cornerstone of a pragmatic process to enhance your efficiency in reducing or extinguishing your legacy liability.

This webinar was broadcasted live on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT.

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