St. Paul, Minnesota, November 9, 2023: The Climate and Us series just launched, exploring how the climate crisis is affecting human health, and how solutions from the healthcare sector, environmental sector and beyond are seeking to respond to the damage.

It is an online branded series, presented by the Global Climate and Health Alliance and produced on their behalf by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, which Inogen Alliance is presenting with support from Antea Group as well as the following Associates: Anew Global Consulting China, Antea Brasil, Brown & Green Philippines, HPC AG Germany, Paseco Greece, and Tonkin + Taylor New Zealand.

The Climate and Us looks at the global race against the climate crisis, and the resilient communities that are adapting to our warming world, the interconnectedness of humanity and the climate crisis, what it means for our health, and some of the “win-win” solutions working towards healing people and the planet. The series is produced for the Global Climate and Health Alliance by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the award-winning commercial content studio of BBC Studios.

The Climate and Us takes audiences on a cinematic journey across the world, highlighting the critical link between our changing climate and its profound effects on our wellbeing. Through 31 compelling stories spanning six continents, the series explores the realities faced by people worldwide. As well as focusing on communities affected by climate-related disasters and emerging health crises, it also highlights the incredible resilience of people impacted–and the wide-ranging solutions we employ to shield our everyday lives. Each episode and article focuses on a different story–from how to protect communities and build resilience to natural disasters, to the company planning to use biomethane to produce medicines–and explores a range of impacts climate change is having on our health and the solutions being implemented to mitigate them. Through thought-provoking storytelling, interviews with both experts and the people living with the realities of climate change every day, and important scientific research, the series underlines the importance of public health in the midst of this global crisis.

The Climate and Us will be available on the series hubsite,

About the Global Climate and Health Alliance

The Global Climate and Health Alliance was formed in Durban in 2011 to tackle climate change and to protect and promote public health. The Alliance is made up of health and development organizations from around the world united by a shared vision of an equitable, sustainable future. Our vision is a world in which the health impacts of climate change are kept to a minimum, and the health co-benefits of climate change mitigation are maximised. The Alliance was launched following the inaugural Climate and Health summit, which took place in 2011 during the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

About Inogen Alliance

Inogen Alliance is a global network of environment, health, safety and sustainability consulting companies working together to provide one point of contact to guide multinational organizations to meet their global commitments locally.  With offices located on every continent, more than 5,000 associates worldwide, and projects completed in more than 150 countries, Inogen Alliance provides unparalleled local consulting expertise, global consistency and 20+ years of experience building a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future. Global Thinking. Local Delivery.

About Antea Group

Antea®Group is an environment, health, safety, and sustainability consulting firm. By combining strategic thinking with technical expertise, we do more than effectively solve client challenges; we deliver sustainable results for a better future. We work in partnership with and advise many of the world’s most sustainable companies to address ESG-business challenges in a way that fits their pace and unique objectives. Our consultants equip organizations to better understand threats, capture opportunities and find their position of strength. Lastly, we maintain a global perspective on ESG issues through not only our work with multinational clients, but also through our sister organizations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America and as a founding member of the Inogen Alliance.