On May 16-17, Antea Group had the pleasure of joining a group of Inogen Alliance associates as official Sponsors at the Dynamic Earth venue in Edinburgh, Scotland to dive into constructive conversations on water stewardship at the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Forum. Antea Group’s Natalya Holm, PE, Water Stewardship Co-Lead, and 9 Inogen Alliance representatives are excited to share their insights from the event. 

The 2023 AWS Global Water Stewardship Forum opened with key messages and takeaways from the UN Water Conference in New York. While it was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to galvanize energy and investments for a secure water future, many felt there was a lack of actionable items resulting from the event and noted the lack of strong commitments from the global governments towards global and local action on water stewardship.

In this opening session, we heard from influential global water initiatives on what we can do to use the momentum from the UN Water Conference to build mutually supportive relationships in pursuit of SDG6 and strengthen water governance.  

Read the full blog post for the rest of their insights on the AWS Forum here

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