St. Paul, Minnesota, December 21, 2020: Three Antea Group USA employees were presented with the Environment+Energy Leader (E+E) 100 Award on December 5, 2020. Peylina Chu (Antea Group), Angie Dickson (Antea Group and Inogen Alliance), and Charlie Quann (Antea Group) all received the honor.

The annual E+E 100 recognizes those environment and energy “doers” who break trail in creating new solutions, programs, platforms, best practices and products to help their companies – or other companies – achieve greater success in commercial and industrial environment and energy management.

"We are very proud of the hard work and accomplishments of Peylina Chu, Angie Dickson, and Charlie Quann,” says Brian Ricketts, CEO of Antea Group USA. “They are each great examples of the breadth of talent and innovative spirit that represents our organization. This past year was a demanding one in light of the COVID-19 pandemic -- yet our employees remained committed to finding new solutions and programs to solve our client's toughest environment, health, safety, and sustainability challenges. On behalf of Antea Group USA, we are both humbled and thrilled to have our employees recognized by this distinguished industry award.”                                                                                                                

Peylina Chu is a Vice President at Antea Group and the Technology Industry Leader. Peylina develops fit-for-purpose programs for clients that are proactive, tailored to company-specific risk tolerance levels, and incorporated into company culture from the C-suite to the hourly employee. In 2020, Peylina served as the first female Chair of the Board of Directors for Inogen Alliance and is the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) Executive Director where she launched a project to assess opportunities to apply advanced recycling technologies to healthcare plastics. She also leads the EHSxTech industry group bringing together technology leaders and companies to discuss shared learnings and ideas, especially during COVID-19. This year, Peylina helped develop and launch a new Antea Group solution, Resource-as-a-service (RAAS), that leverages Antea Group’s global expertise and deep industry experience to meet short-term talent needs for clients. Above all, Peylina exemplifies leadership in the industry and reaches outside her normal workplace boundaries to develop new industry groups, solutions, or further the causes she is passionate about including helping companies do better for the betterment of the environment and society.

Angelique Dickson, President of Inogen Alliance and Vice President at Antea Group, has over 20 years of global management and consulting experience focused on progressively more complex projects, services, and business objectives that promote business sustainability in a global climate. In 2020, she led the EHSxRetail industry group that brought together EHS professionals from retail organizations to collaborate during COVID-19 and discuss how to safely operate and re-open for both customers and employees. Angie also took the reins of managing Inogen Alliance, a network of over 5,000 consultants in over 280 locations worldwide. During this time, she hosted several large associate company meetings virtually, focused on digital marketing efforts to better promote the Alliance, and organized over 12 working groups with focuses on industries, services, and leadership. She helped the network focus on resiliency and their abilities to help their clients during COVID-19.

Charlie Quann is a passionate energy and sustainability engineer with a track record of helping companies become more sustainable while improving their bottom line. Charlie leads Antea Group USA’s Climate Change and Carbon Management and Science-Based Targets service lines. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, is a TRUE Zero Advisor, and a certified energy manager. Charlie has conducted dozens of facility optimization assessments on four continents and has advised senior leadership of global companies on greenhouse gas strategy and management. Charlie combined energy, carbon, water, and waste into a single facility optimization assessment for clients looking to meet ambitious multifaceted targets. Rather than conducting multiple assessments consuming the site staff’s valuable time, Charlie has worked to craft holistic assessments with his team of facility optimization experts. He has also worked to build skills among the staff at client sites (using the Energy Star Treasure Hunt model) so that they can conduct their own assessments. Recently, Charlie has been working to bundle greenhouse gas strategy work with action-oriented decarbonization work. Charlie leverages his mechanical engineering and operational background to support companies in their move from “climate reporting” to “climate action.”

You can see the full list of honorees and learn more about the E+E 100 awards on the Environment+Energy Leader website.


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