Reuters Sustainable Business USA Summit brings together the world’s most senior CEO, Board and Governmental Leadership teams ready to set the circular, low-carbon, and sustainable agenda for years to come. The theme of this year's virtual event is "Leading the New World Order" and the agenda will focus on four key areas:

  • Business Strategy & Value Chain Transformation
  • Finance & Investor Engagement
  • Climate Action
  • Social Purpose & Impact

Antea Group will be in attendance with a "virtual booth" to connect with other attendees and debut our new Sustainability Transaction Assessment Report (STAR) service offering. STAR is a research-driven report that delivers clear data to help you understand environment, social, and corporate governance (ESG) risk. It cuts through the confusion and zeros in on the issues that are most likely to have a material impact on an investment.

We'd Love to Connect with You

Our experts in attendance will be Matt Bell, Travis Shreeve, Ben Hansen and Owen McKenna. Contact any of them before the event if you want to schedule an introduction or meeting. 

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