The United Nations established World Water Day in 1993 in order to have a dedicated, internationally recognized, and recurrent occasion to celebrate the importance of water. This celebration aims to embrace and highlight the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda for 2030, in particular the goal of availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. 

The observation of World Water Day on March 22nd is an important yearly milestone as governments and industries work to improve water stewardship efforts across the globe. This is a day to reflect on progress, look ahead to next steps, and relearn the importance of water in the context of an evolving climate crisis. 

World Water Day is not a beginning or an end to the water conversation. It is a checkpoint for individuals, governments, and businesses to assess their role in the conservation of our most vital natural resource. 

For more on crafting successful water stewardship strategies and the urgency of global water sustainability efforts, read the full blog from Inogen Alliance. The article features water stewardship experts Tatiana Fernandes, Manager at Antea Group, Brasil, Janaína Da Silva, Project Coordinator at Antea Group, Brasil, and Beatrice Bizzaro, Sustainability Specialist/Alliance for Water Stewardship Specialist at HPC Italy.  

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More on Water Stewardship

Join us for the panel discussion, Pursuing Alliance for Water Stewardship: Building Resilience for Our Shared Water Resources. Global water leaders from the Alliance for Water Stewardship, as well as water sustainability experts from Antea Group, will discuss the AWS Standard and how they’ve helped companies align with and prepare for certification. You will hear different perspectives on why AWS is important, lessons learned along the way, and best practices for engaging with stakeholders. Our panelists will also share success stories of how they helped certify companies with the standard and how this has led to improved water resiliency.

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