Around the globe we’re seeing environmental regulations emerging that will significantly impact business operations. In the US for example,  the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently adopted regulations aimed at improving and standardizing climate-related disclosures made by public companies and in public offerings.

However, the SEC ruling isn’t the only new regulation businesses need to consider. The European Union is well on its way to implementing a series of pivotal environmental regulations that cover everything from water quality to carbon emissions and biodiversity preservation. For businesses operating within or exporting to the EU market, understanding and preparing for these regulatory changes are imperative to ensure continued compliance and market access.

This post from our Inogen Alliance Associates will offer a high-level view of each of these regulations, providing key insights and actionable tips to ensure your business is prepared to meet these new standards. The article covers the following regulations:

  • Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)
  • The Drinking Water Directive
  • Biodiversity Strategy for 2030
  • Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation

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