Regina Bussard


Silicon Valley Area

Practice Area:

Environmental RemediationPhase 1 Transaction Support 

Areas of Expertise:

I focus on assessment and remediation, and I am a professional geologist registered with the state of California.

About Me in 140 Characters (or more):

I have a degree in Geology, and I have been working in the industry as a consultant for 16 years, across 4 different companies. I started with Delta Consulting, then joined Antea Group in 2008. It’s a great match for me because I can use scientific skills to better the environment.

Favorite Thing about Being a Practitioner:

Providing solutions and solving problems and coming up with ways to evaluate and demonstrate protection of people and the environment. 

What is a key ingredient for success as a practitioner?

Flexibility: You need to be able to look at things from multiple angles. There’s a certain amount of repetition in this industry, but at the same time each project is unique and over the years I’ve found my success from expanding the way I view things and being flexible with the options at hand

What areas of the practice are you most interested in? Why?

Protecting the environment, especially our resources and safeguarding our natural conditions.  While I do like people, I love focusing on the environment and resources as opposed to other health and safety aspects. I’ve always seen myself as a scientist and I think about the environmental bigger picture.   

If someone at a party asks what you do, how do you respond? 

Environmental consultant, and I explain that companies that I’ve worked with (oil companies) hire us to clean up and to assess unauthorized releases in their retail or other facilities. And it involves assessing where the contamination is going, how much exists, and collecting data to help and work with engineers to help remediate contamination. 

What was your first job? 

I did filing at a doctor’s office: not very exciting, but I was 16! 

If you had one month off, where would you go or what would you do? 

I would travel to the British Isles. 

What historical or fictional character would you most like to work with?

I really would like to have met Albert Einstein. I find him a fascinating person and would have loved to talk with him. 

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