Meet Addie Mette, a multidisciplinary practitioner who works on environmental remediation, health and safety, and other projects and leads our St. Louis, Missouri office.


Addie J. Mette


Greater St. Louis Office Leader

Practice Area:

Environmental Remediation, EHS Auditing and Compliance, Health and Safety

Areas of Expertise:

I’m really a jack of all trades who enjoys learning new things and problem-solving.

About Me in 140 Characters:

I am a struggling perfectionist who tries my best to balance being a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, and successful mentor/problem solver every day. 

Favorite Thing About Being a Multidisciplinary Practitioner:

I enjoy working at Antea Group for the opportunities to diversify and try new things – I thrive on challenges!  But LOVE working at Antea Group because of the people, the culture, and the great clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. 

What Surprises People About Your Job?

Most people are surprised by the multitude of opportunities to wear many hats and support such a variety of clients.  I’ve had the pleasure of supporting oil and gas companies, railroads, and others with compliance and remediation needs; as well as supporting global tech companies with their EHS and compliance questions. 

What Are Some of Your Favorite Tools /Resources for Professional Development? 

The best resource I’ve found is the plethora of knowledge held by my colleagues.  I love interacting with colleagues that have deep subject matter expertise in a given area and just absorbing all they care to share.  You can learn a lot from hearing not just about the technical aspects, but their lessons learned from successes and failures. 

What's Your Favorite Part of Your Job? 

I love taking a burden off our clients (and my co-workers).  There’s nothing like hearing the relief in another’s voice when they KNOW you’ve got them covered.

What TV Show Character Do You Identify Most With? 

It’s not TV, but if talking about fictional characters - I was always very fond of Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web. In her very short life, she made a huge impact on the world in a very positive way. She saved her best friend’s life and ensured he’d be a protector watching over her family for generations to come. (And, no, in real life I’m not fond of spiders.)

If You Had One Month Off, Where Would You Go or What Would You Do? 

I have a lot of places I’d like to visit/things I’d like to see in person.  This includes the Northern Lights, hatching sea turtles, or just go on an adventure to visit as many places and natural wonders as I can while experiencing different food and cultures!   

Is There Something Unique That People Might Not Know About You? (Hobbies, Hidden Talents, etc.) 

I love to work in the garden/preserve our harvest…  Our asparagus patch, blackberries, grapes, and apple trees keep me busy during the growing season.  I love to jar up applesauce, apple butter, apple slices for healthy snacks through the winter, fruit for fresh smoothies, and maybe some not so healthy jellies from the berries. 

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