If you’re an EHS pro, environment, health, and safety podcasts can help you stay current on trends and your career development. Here are our top picks.

Are you on top of your EHS to-do list?

It can be a struggle to keep up with the requirements and best practices for creating a happy, healthy, and safe working environment—especially as the needs of employees and businesses evolve at an increasingly rapid pace.

EHS professionals now have to address cybersecurity, shared office spaces, remote workers, and other surprising trends. When you dreamt that the EHS profession would take you higher, drones and medical marijuana were probably not what you had in mind.

Fortunately, the EHS community offers a myriad of outstanding resources to help you stay on top of trends, best practices, policy changes, and your career development. The following pack of EHS podcasts from around the world is sure to provide inspiration and insights to fuel your career journey.

7 Environment, Health, and Safety Podcasts to Add to Your Professional Playlist

#1 - All About You Podcast

Safety + Health Magazine has a reputation for producing top-notch content for health and safety practitioners. The magazine’s audio offering includes audio from webinars and sound clips from news sources. However, the crown jewel in their programming is Richard Hawk's All About You podcast, which helps EHS pros create a vibrant safety culture. 

Recommended episodes: Refresh Your Work Environment and Get the Most out of Conventions and Conferences

Available on: iTunes | Stitcher | Soundcloud

#2 - The Safeti Podcast

The Safeti Podcast is an excellent resource for professionals responsible for environment, health and safety, or anything in between. In each episode, host Richard Collins chats with industry experts, uncovering insights to help make you better at your job.

Recommended episodes: Behavioural Safety or Science? with Bob Cummins and Good Work – Behavioural Safety with Tim Marsh

Available on: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify

#3 - 3M Science of Safety Podcast

3M Science of Safety podcast is presented by 3M Australia/New Zealand and covers a wide array of topics related to health and safety challenges. The show is hosted by Mark Reggers, an occupational hygienist for 3M, who likes to ask the questions: Why? How? And please explain.

Each episode is a deep dive into a topic that affects worker safety in higher-risk environments, such as coal dust, asbestos, heat stress, and indoor air quality. Some of the content on this podcast is less applicable to U.S. markets but, regardless, the conversation is always intriguing.

Recommended episodes: Indoor Air Quality and Loose-Fill Asbestos

Available on: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify | Soundcloud I Libsyn

#4 - Safety on Tap Podcast

Hailing from Australia, the Safety on Tap podcast is for EHS professionals looking to improve their leadership skills in the field of health and safety. Host Andrew Barrett is committed to bringing you “free-flowing ideas, perspectives, and stories from interviews with only the most interesting people.”

Recommended episodes: A Career in Reflection with Russell Skilleter and A Chat With the World’s #1 Safety Leader, Andrew Sharman, IOSH President

Available on: iTunes | Stitcher

#5 - EHS on Tap: The Podcast for EHS Professionals

EHS on Tap: The Podcast for EHS Professionals comes from the EHS Daily Advisor. It’s an excellent resource for news on trending topics in the environment, health, and safety—all delivered by top industry experts. You’ll learn about emerging legal, regulatory, and policy issues and the impact on the EHS profession.

Recommended episodes: Yes, You Can Measure Safety Culture … Well, Sort Of! and Safety in the Stoned Age: Discerning ‘Impairment’ from ‘Under the Influence’

Available on: iTunes | Stitcher | Soundcloud

#6 - The Accidental Safety Pro Podcast

The Accidental Safety Pro is a podcast that features conversations with safety professionals about their career journeys and the lessons they learned along the way, and is hosted by Jill James of Vivid Learning Systems.

Recommended episodes: Creepy Carl. Safety Manager and A Whole Long Conversation About Mold

Available on: iTunes | Stitcher

#7 Health Safety to Go

The Health Safety to Go podcast comes to us from the Canadian Centre of Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). Episodes feature guidance on topics such as preventing bullying, safety tips, and managing the implications of artificial intelligence in the workplace. While not all content will be relevant for US-based leaders, this podcast provides a glimpse of how our neighbors to the north are handling EHS.

Recommended episodes: Occupational Disease and Prevention with Valerie Wolfe and 8 Tips to Make Your Health and Safety Committee Meetings Effective

Available on: iTunes I Libsyn

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