At Antea Group, we subscribe to a philosophy of Better Business, Better World®, believing that doing the right thing environmentally and socially will improve our competitive position long-term. We also believe in the old adage, “practice what you preach”—which is why we put the health, safety and well-being of our employees first. One important way we do this is through our Employee Wellness Program.

Our Three Pillars of Wellness

Our wellness program encompasses three pillars of wellness to establish a comprehensive, mind-body-life foundation. By developing this approach to wellness, we recognize and support employees in all aspects of their lives. Our wellness program encourages and strengthens employee efforts to achieve and maintain physical wellness, emotional wellness and financial wellness.


To help employees achieve the energy, strength and resiliency of a well-functioning body, we offer motivation and reward for physical activity and nutrition education through our partnerships with Vitality and Am I Hungry? We also provide competitive medical, dental and vision benefits to all employees and reinforce personal safety through our embedded safety culture.


To help employees problem-solve and restore peace of mind during times of stress or life transitions, we provide access to a full-service and confidential Employee Assistance Program and to cognitive behavioral therapy program Learn to Live. We also promote a healthy work-life balance by providing employees with a flexible work environment and corporate policies around paid time away for vacation, sick, disability, holiday and volunteer days.


To help employees achieve the lifestyle they desire during their professional career and throughout retirement, we have leverage relationships with prominent financial planning firms and our Employee Assistance Program to offer our employees the resources, guidance and programs needed to improve budgeting, manage spending and increase savings in support of their ideal financial future.

Creating a Culture of Wellness

Wellness is not created overnight, not for an individual and certainly not for a company. To foster a culture of wellness at Antea Group we look at very practical ways to help our employees prioritize their well-being.

Leading by Example

Nothing changes culture more quickly than good leadership. Our wellness program has been embraced at the highest level of the organization, with leadership that is committed to leading by example and actively involved in wellness activities. At the office level, we have assigned Wellness Champs who promote and organize wellness efforts locally like, healthy potlucks and fitness challenges, for example.

Eliminating Barriers to Wellness

Most employees want to genuinely improve their overall well-being and develop a healthier lifestyle, but their most common barriers are time and money. Providing services like on-site health screenings and flu shot clinics at our offices, offering healthy food options at company meetings and events, gifting employees with activity trackers, and meal-prep kits along with free 24/7 access to online Vitality and Learn to Live wellness programs are some of the ways that we seek to eliminate these barriers.

Maintaining Open Dialogue

As a company, we need to understand what is important to our employees and what wellness means to them in order to help them improve upon it. We’ve created an open communication platform where all employees can share ideas, concerns, successes and challenges around wellness. It’s our hope that maintaining an open dialogue on wellness throughout the company will help keep wellness top of mind, further embedding it into our culture.

Wellness Success

Now in its fifth year, our wellness program has come a long way in terms of participation and tangible results. As employee involvement continues to increase, we’ve seen reductions in chronic conditions for cholesterol, back pain, high blood pressure and diabetes. This past September, our wellness efforts were recognized nationally when we were named a Healthiest Workplace in America - - if fact, we ranked #20 out of more than 5,000 employers.

At Antea Group, people are our most valued asset and we are committed to helping them thrive both professionally and personally. We are proud of our wellness efforts to date and will continue to invest in a holistic approach to employee well-being. Like any company, we want employees to work well, but more importantly, we also want them to live well.

Learn all the ways Antea Group is walking the walk to make our employees feel healthy, safe and happy at work. Read our most recent Social Sustainability Report now.

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