sustainability report

Antea Group Sustainability Report Now Available

August 8th, 2016

At Antea Group, we subscribe to a philosophy of Better Business, Better World®, believing that doing the right thing environmentally and socially will improve our competitive position long-term. This concept influences not only the work we do for our clients every day, but also how we engage in our communities and the way we connect with our employees.
Now in its fourth year, our Social Sustainability Program allows us to make a powerful difference by supporting organizations that align with our corporate values. Through the gifts of our profits, our time and our expertise, we reinforce our goodwill in our local neighborhoods, build brand recognition and bolster employee recruiting and retention. 

Within our Social Sustainability Report, which you can download below, you’ll find highlights of our firm’s positive impact on clients, communities, and employees, including the great strides we are making with our Talent Management and Wellness initiatives. I am truly proud of our efforts and grateful for your contribution to our success.

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