In a recent interview with Environment+Energy Leader, a few of our experts from Antea Group USA and Antea Group Belgium answered questions on the topic of ESG and Sustainability reporting.

To read the full interview, visit Environment+Energy Leader. 

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With the landscape of ESG and Sustainability reporting frameworks and standards seemingly so complicated, we sat down with a few experts from Inogen Alliance to get a global perspective on trends, terminology, and what they are seeing with clients. This follows a new development coming out of COP26 with the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) officially announcing the launch of a globally consistent sustainability-related corporate disclosure.

Included in this interview are experts from Antea Group USA with Eileen Lo and Owen McKenna; and Antea Group Belgium with Céline Van Hecke and Klaas Nijs. Both companies are Associates of Inogen Alliance with global coverage and more than 200 offices in every region with local Associate companies in Environment, Health & Safety and Sustainability.

The interview covers questions including: 

  • What are the differences between some of the most common reporting standards, how could you bucket them?
  • Can you use more than one framework and in which cases would you want to use more than one?
  • How is the landscape changing around Sustainability and ESG reporting, and is it beneficial to private or small companies? 
  • What’s your advice to companies that are just getting started and why it’s important?

For an additional video interview with the experts, visit Inogen Alliance.

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