EHS managers often find themselves forging a path for environmental health and safety compliance in their workplace with limited resources, time, and budget. They need to know their local EHS paradigms like the back of their hand, which can be tricky depending on the resources available, language challenges, and the overabundance of laws to sift through. When you multiply this many times over in a global company, the obstacles are even greater.

Getting a handle on all relevant local regulations and understanding what they mean to your business is one of the biggest challenges an EHS manager faces. A single person can’t know everything about every location—whether it’s because you are searching online with no input from local experts, can’t understand the languages laws are presented in, or have no first-hand experience with the location and miss cultural nuances, there are many limitations that make setting out on your own to find this information unfeasible. However, there is a way it can be done efficiently and cost-effectively.

No Longer an Army of One

Instead of trying to do the impossible, let us do the heavy lifting—Antea Group has created a solution for the army-of-one EHS manager: global EHS registers and protocols. We collect the regulations that are relevant to your facilities, wherever you are in the world, and use our industry expertise to present the real-world information you need to stay compliant.

We know that leadership and other stakeholders want to know what really matters to your business. Global EHS registers and protocols are tailored to your location, facilities, and industry to make sure the information you receive is usable, clear, and actionable. With added context and live links to government websites, we empower you to articulate how your facility is impacted and the next steps that are needed.

Because no one facility or business is the same, we have several options for customization, including:

  • Streamlining the data to your individual facilities in each country
  • Different versions based on user need (e.g., Executive Summary for Corporate Manager versus a detailed protocol and action items for facility EHS managers)
  • Newsletters on proposed and finalized regulations
  • Checklists and action items
  • Custom visual representation and can be provided in Word, Excel, or in a format to be loaded into your EHS Management Information System (MIS)
  • Data filters for specific regulation drill-downs
  • Translation

Our Inogen partners around the world provide us with local legal information and their own insider experience, then Antea Group does the analysis and gives you the bottom line. From federal laws to city ordinances, we’re here to gather data that will support your point and help you decipher your EHS paradigm.

Regulatory Data in Action

Organizations across the world have varying needs for regulatory data, such as ISO certification, auditing, tracking shipments through multiple countries, and more. Here are some real-world examples of varying client needs that show the breadth of uses registers and protocols can have for different businesses:

Client 1: We recognized that our client, a global manufacturing company, needed more information on emerging environmental regulations that could impact their business. We collected information on air quality, water management, remediation, and other environmental regulations for their relevant facilities, which were spread over 25 countries, to give them the full picture of up-and-coming EHS regulations.

Client 2: A technology firm that electronically publishes EHS regulations needed global registers and protocols to expand their regulatory information to cover international jurisdictions as well as providing their specialty firm clients with specific regulations—ranging from social justice regulations for platinum mines to offshore oil and gas regulations. Learn how we provided them with the content they needed in our case study, Developing Global Registers and Content for an EHS Technology Firm.  

Complete the Picture

Because of the myriad of challenges that EHS managers face day-to-day—planning global expansions, implementing effective programs, and resourcing on a tight budget—we offer several other companion services that fit well with global EHS registers and protocols to ensure you have a well-rounded EHS program that fits your needs. (Find out more about these global EHS support services.)

The focus of any EHS program is to keep your facility in compliance. Whether you’re challenged by a lack of regulatory information or overwhelmed by too much of it, our registers and protocols provide the regulations, context, and action items you need to be compliant.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can create global EHS registers and protocols for your facilities.

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