Vince Malone

Vince Malone

Senior Consultant
Chemical Segment Leader
+1 614 382 7013

Vince Malone is a Consultant in the Columbus, Ohio office with over 20 years of environmental consulting experience. His areas of expertise include site assessment/remediation, regulatory advocacy, merger and acquisition transaction support services, LUST site closure, property risk evaluation, and environmental liability management and reserve forecasting. Vince has conducted legacy portfolio management, developed environmental strategies, directed regulatory negotiations, established reserve estimating & tracking protocols, designed and implemented sampling and analysis plans, and managed high value real estate due diligence projects on behalf of large corporations, independent manufacturers, law firms, and government clientele.

Vince’s specialties include: soil and groundwater investigation/remediation, Underground Storage Tank management, real estate due diligence, legacy environmental risk management, liability and reserve projections, and RCRA Corrective Action.