Vince Malone

Vince Malone

Senior Consultant
Chemical Segment Leader
+1 614 382 7013

Vince Malone is a Senior Consultant in the Columbus, Ohio office with 20+ years of environmental consulting experience.  Vince has served diverse stakeholders, including commercial, industrial and municipal entities in facility closure, redevelopment, divestment, and merger/acquisition support.  He has held client account leadership roles within the specialty chemical, steel, insurance, oil & gas, and financial service industries.  His areas of expertise include: developing regulatory strategies and implementation plans for complex remediation sites; client advocacy and regulatory negotiations; reserve forecasting; risk and remedial alternatives assessment; health & safety management; and merger-acquisition support services. 

As a Senior Consultant, Client Account Leader and Segment Leader, Vince has successfully managed multiple million-dollar legacy liability portfolios.   He has developed effective closure strategies, served clients during mediation and third-party negotiations, and established reserve estimating and tracking protocols. Vince has designed and implemented sampling/analysis plans, and managed high-value Real Estate due diligence projects on behalf of manufacturing clients.