Educational Videos About Slips, Trips, & Falls

EHS Director’s Cut: 7 Side-Splitting Slip, Trip, & Fall Videos to Inspire a Culture of Safety

October 3rd, 2018

Loose rugs or mats. Accidental spills that are yet to be discovered. Poor lighting. Clutter. All signal slip, trip, or fall incidents that are waiting to happen—and oftentimes, they’re preventable.

Of course, as your organization’s purveyor of health and safety, you know that with proper EHS training and education you can empower your employees to identify, mitigate, and avoid these dangerous scenarios and help create a culture of safety. But you also know that standard, out-of-the-box trainings won’t get you very far. You need to create an engaging experience if you want your employees to retain the information.

But how? Why not try to spice things up with a bit of humor?

While the real-life implications of slips, trips, and falls are no laughing matter, videos of “epic fails” rule the digital world these days. And as it turns out, there are plenty of “educational” and “inspirational” workplace videos featuring slips, trips, and falls that your employees may be able to learn from—or at least help you grab their attention. So, we simply couldn’t resist compiling some of them for your viewing and teaching pleasure.

Some may make you laugh while others may make you cringe, but all of them illuminate the hazards that lurk in every workplace.

1. The Musical Number

From a tangled electrical cord bucket to an overflowing trash can, this musical classic showcases everyday hazards that employees often just “walk on by.” The real beauty? Like any catchy tune, the angelic singer’s repeated pleas to not let hazards go unmitigated will undoubtedly burrow its way into your employees’ minds (forever).

2. The Retro Reel

This rollup of retro slip, trip, and fall footage is an absolute gem designed to resonate in both the conscious and subconscious minds of viewers. Of course, walking sideways whilst dusting off your work attire isn’t the most likely of scenarios, but the video does offer good guidance on how to em(Pow!)er prevention among employees.

3. The Multi-Media Mashup

The most entertaining part of this “short-film” is the editing. Not only is it jam-packed with non-stop scene changes, but it also incorporates some delightful animations and stick figure drawings to really drive the message home. Apparently, the full version is available for purchase, and it includes a full 15 minutes of magic.

4. The Shame Thrower

If you think your employees will respond best to fear tactics, this spooky production should do the trick. Complete with horror movie music, this video can help show your employees that there’s really no excuse to not be safe at work. After all, they should know better.

5. The Kiddie Clip

Cartoons are a fundamental part of every kid’s childhood development. So, why not try to reconnect with that time of growth and budding self-awareness?

This short-and-sweet video number is an “attention grabber” from the get-go, featuring an animated scene that clearly won’t end well. But what’s more is that it quickly shifts to a real-life environment, bringing employees back to the present and clearly showing how to properly walk down a set of stairs.

6. The Perilous Production

This production out of Texas pays homage to The Twilight Zone days, providing a bit of mystery and suspense before ultimately revealing the tragedy that has occurred. In the end, viewers walk away with one thing: It’s up to them to prevent the workplace peril that leads to monstrous slips, trips, and falls.

7. The Fall Factor

Did you know that fall protection and fall protection training is one of the most commonly cited OSHA violations? But armed with the knowledge of the four “fall factors”—gravity, momentum, balance, and friction—your employees will have all the insight and inspiration they need to prevent untimely incidents.

In All Seriousness

Admit it. After watching these incredible short-films, you want more—and we can help, of course.

Get ready for an additional 20-plus minutes of expertly (and hilariously) crafted workplace safety videos, featuring a chainsaw-wielding worker asking for trouble and a cautionary tale from Caterpillar’s film vault.

But if you’d rather trade tales (and jokes) from the trenches and pick the brain of a seasoned health and safety consultant, we’re here for you. 

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