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Developing Global Health and Safety Minimum Requirement Standards

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Developing Global Health and Safety Minimum Requirement Standards


A global company whose operations focus on production of flavors and fragrances, approached Antea Group with a need to develop a library of global health and safety minimum requirement standards. These documents were intended to be very high-level, providing minimum corporate standards. The client’s intention was to create minimum requirements at the corporate level, and then allow each site to implement the requirements based on their operations and local regulations. The client requested the procedures list the minimum requirements for a specific program as defined by their Corporate Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Department.


The dedicated Antea Group team held consulting discussions with the client to understand their intended implementation of the documents. This included the development of one draft document and a subsequent conference call to discuss the deliverable to ensure we were aligned in our approach. Antea Group developed a small project team to develop these minimum requirement documents.

Once the first draft was developed and agreed upon, Antea Group and the client collaborated on a list of additional topics to develop health and safety minimum requirements for. By the end of the project, Antea Group had developed a library of health and safety minimum standards for the following topics: incident management, confined space, electrical safety, emergency preparedness, fall protection, fire prevention, hazard communication, laboratory safety, lockout/tagout, powered industrial trucks, personal protective equipment, and respiratory protection.


The client gave very positive feedback for the deliverables that Antea Group provided. They felt that not only did the health and safety minimum requirement standards meet their needs, but that it was a necessary exercise for their organization to establish the minimum requirements to be followed at each and every location globally.

Once all of the desired health and safety minimum requirement standards were developed, the client planned to introduce them in a deliberate manner as to not overwhelm each location.  

At the end of the project, the client was pleased with the work and reached out to Antea Group for support in developing a chemical hygiene plan and associated training.

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