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No matter how mature your EHS compliance program is, you want to ensure you are receiving the greatest value for your efforts and cost. If you do not have a compliance program or have never completed an EHS audit, how do you determine where to start? If you have a mature EHS compliance and auditing program, how can you optimize your audit data and years of learning to benefit a robust EHS program?

Join our webinar to learn different approaches on how to begin your auditing journey, establish a sustainable compliance and auditing program, and keep your programs generating value long-term. You will also learn how to determine what your audit drivers are, what the right type of audit program may be (internal, 2nd party, 3rd party), and how to use data to determine if your audit program is effective.

By attending this EHS auditing webinar, you can expect to gain:

  • Knowledge on how to use data to optimize your EHS program;
  • Information on how to identify areas for improvement in your audits and suggestions on how to address them;
  • Tips for optimizing the output of your EHS audit data; and
  • A bonus mini-session on audit strategies during COVID-19 - virtual auditing and what you can do when working remotely to set yourself up for a quick launch after returning to work.

You will walk away with creative strategies for getting your company's EHS audit program started, all the way through creative data trending to inform EHS program decision-making.

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