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In the U.S., ergonomics can be straightforward to implement, but other countries have very stringent requirements that can be quite burdensome to employees. Then, there are countries that don’t have any requirements or even culturally understand the concept of ergonomics. Such regulatory nuances and cultural differences make it hard for global companies to maintain a consistent ergonomics program worldwide.

Implementing a holistic global ergonomics program takes planning and strategy. Does everyone understand ergonomics and the risk associated with not having a program? Will all the countries in which you operate be able to comply? Is there a language barrier or cultural misunderstanding you must address? You want to map out a successful program across the world that works for everyone… but how do you do it?

Our global ergonomics experts will present “Global Ergonomics: How to Map Out a Successful Program.” This webinar will take you around the world to understand global compliance and the cultural complexities you should be aware of when designing your program. We will look at some best practices worldwide and learn three approaches to consider when mapping out your global ergonomics program. Will you take the complete compliance, regulatory focus, or management system approach? Tune in to find out what best suits you and your business.

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